Hi, I'm Martins, a Software Engineer And I Solve Problems For a Living.

Happy to have you here, please take your time to look through my portfolio and feel free to contact me should you love what you see.



I believe problems are already very hard to deal with, solutions shouldn't be harder.


When executing a project I don't just build, I marry technicality with your market needs.


I believe time, energy and finance are all limited resources. This helps me make the best use of them.

A Quick Memo

Recently, I started my transitioning to system programming, specifically embedded systems. I am working on becoming an embedded software engineer by 2022. I would love to work in the aviation, military and automotive industries.

I am currently expanding my knowledge on C language, alongside working with micro-controllers and learning about their communication protocols.
My dream is to build smart products that keeps us connected with our world.

In this regards, I have decided to document my progress as I journey from Full-stack development to Embedded engineering.

About Me

I am a software engineer whose standards are based on simplicity, creativity, and efficiency.

I have a very serious knack for business development, product sales, and marketing psychology.

I value physical interactions and love to build deeper and meaningful relationships with people.

During my spare time, I go paint-balling, listen to chill raps, play football, or take long walks around my neighbourhood.

Projects Completed


My Skill-Sets


I am experienced in the development of web applications using vanilla JS, JQuery, VueJs and ReactJs. I am also very proficient in the use of React native, Nativescript, Electron and NodeJS.


I use python for activities ranging from the writing of web applications/APIs using the Flask framework, to the building of web-scrapers using selenium and beautiful-soup.

Java & Kotlin

I make use of Kotlin for the development of Android and Back-End (Spring Boot). Kotlin is interoperable with Java which means I can apply Kotlin on almost any existing Java codebase.


I write database applications using SQL (Postgres) and NoSQL databases (RealmDB and MongoDB). I also write SQL scripts to generate business reports/analyses.


I have a solid understanding of WordPress and can use it to build applications ranging from simple to semi-complex websites.

Embedded Systems

I am learning to work with 32bit micro-controllers using C language. I base on Bare-Metal systems, RTOS and partial IoT systems.

My Publications

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